learning libraryThe Repercussions of Racism on Mental Health

The Repercussions of Racism on Mental Health

2021 Engage & Excel

Session Details

  • Date: September 30, 2021
  • Moderator: Quianta Moore, MD, JD
  • Speakers: Ed Burger, PhD, DJ Ida, PhD, Fred Sandoval, MPA, and Altha J. Stewart, MD

In November 2020, the American Medical Association declared racism to be a “threat to public health”. In the U.S., 92% of Blacks, 78% of Latinos and 61% of Asian Americans have reported racial discrimination in the form of racial slurs, violence, threats, or harassment. Notably, racial discrimination is strongly associated with adverse health outcomes, as well as noncompliance with medical treatments.

Dr. Ed Burger, CEO of St. David’s Foundation, will kick-off a panel of top experts from Texas and nationally on strategies to advance health equity as both a process and an outcome within health settings. Session attendees will come away with an understanding of how racism and inequity can be perpetuated by policies, regulations, and practices, both written and unwritten, while learning how to implement proven strategies to improve mental health outcomes in communities of color.