Allison Castle

Senior Director of Communications

Allison Castle, president of Castle Communications, has a career that spans the worlds of business, government, nonprofits and politics. Allison previously served as a senior advisor to the Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller, and at the Texas Department of Insurance.

Allison directly advised Gov. Rick Perry for more than six years in her role as his press secretary and communications director. She crafted and guided the execution of a strategy that gained global attention for the Governor’s priorities, ranging from health care and public safety to establishing Texas as a biotech hub. She and her team garnered untold volumes of coverage for the state’s successful economic development efforts to bring global corporations and jobs to Texas.

Focused and diligent in times of crisis, Allison has helped guide the state’s media response through everything from public health emergencies and natural disasters to the Governor’s Mansion arson, renovation and grand reopening. Allison and her team also deftly handled the media strategy, messaging and stakeholder engagement of some of the state’s most important legal cases before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.