Jessy Tyler

Senior Director for Justice Research

Jessy Tyler has fifteen years of experience in Texas criminal justice policy, with an extensive background in data analysis and visualization and policymaking. During her tenure with MMHPI, Jessy has worked with data from a number of counties, e.g. Galveston and Dallas, to model their compliance with Texas laws related to identification of the mental health population within the criminal justice process and forecast the impact of county specific solutions to complex justice and mental health system changes. She has also worked with some Texas counties on assessments of indigent defense delivery options, e.g. Lubbock, Harris, and El Paso, and calculated the impact of specialized CIT programs on deflection of persons experiencing mental illness from the justice system, e.g. El Paso and Dallas. Ms. Tyler continues to work on recidivism measures and honed the calculation to the point of creating an interactive dashboard from El Paso County to explore their own outcomes for populations of interest.

Prior to joining the Institute, she worked at the Council of State Governments Justice Center (JC). At JC, she worked on state and county level projects, specializing in Texas based recidivism including the creation of a proxy risk assessment for inter and intra-county comparisons and indigent defense assessment and analysis. Jessy was also the senior research analyst at the Office of Court Administration, a consultant with MGT of America, and on the research staff at Texas Workforce Commission

Jessy received her bachelor’s degree from University of Texas at Austin, her Master of Public Policy from the College of William and Mary, and her Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Houston. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.

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