Lindsey Zischkale

Project Manager for Child and Family Policy

Lindsey serves as a project manager for the Institute’s Child and Family Policy Team. She has worked extensively throughout the Texas public mental health and developmental disability service delivery system.

Prior to joining the Meadows Institute, she served as a community outreach and information coordinator for the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities where she helped amplify the voices of the disability community. She also served as an implementation and policy specialist for the Home and Community-Based Services and Adult Mental Health program at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin, and as a qualified mental health professional for Denton County’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team.

In her current role, Lindsey’s background in health systems is put to good use supporting a variety of projects including a new initiative to address trauma awareness throughout the Parkland Hospital System.

Lindsey received her Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and her Master of Psychology from the University of Dallas.