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Texas Leading the Global Transformation of Mental Health

2021 Engage & Excel

Session Details

  • Date: September 30, 2021
  • Moderator: Andy Keller, PhD
  • Speakers: Harris Eyre, MBBS, PhD Carol Graham Vikram Patel, MBBS, PhD

Increasingly, Texas-driven innovations in mental health and brain health more broadly are helping drive national and international reform. Join top leaders in global mental health transformation for a wide-ranging discussion of how innovation currently scaling in Texas, including school-based telehealth, universal early detection and intervention in primary care, non-traditional community workforce solutions, health-driven responses to mental health emergencies, and deeper understanding of the economic impacts of good and bad brain health policy, are informing national and international efforts to turn the tide on the escalating mental health crisis across the globe.

Session participants will learn how the strategic partnerships across the nation and globe are aligning, amplifying, and leveraging the promising practices and the collective behavioral health work implemented across Texas.