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Our Impact

Since our founding, the Meadows Institute has worked with our funders and partners to bring profound, much-needed change to Texas. From revolutionary new smart justice programs in North Texas, to in-depth assessments and plans to improve care for children in Texas communities, to working with schools to elevate the ways they can work with parents to support students, the Meadows Institute has helped shape policy and practice from the state level down to the smallest towns and communities.

Project Highlights

Our partners and funders make possible important projects that have made a difference in the lives of Texans, including:

  • a guide to promoting best practices in integrated behavioral health, commissioned by the St. David’s Foundation
  • an assessment of needed changes to prepare Harris County for the coming conversion to community-based care
  • a study of the Rio Grande Valley behavioral health systems, made possible by the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation
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We invite you to be a part of our efforts bringing changes, big and small, and improving mental health care in your community and across Texas.

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