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Mental health during a pandemic

In communities across Texas, businesses and families are facing the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. These stressors are as unique to each individual as they are universal in their impact. The Meadows Institute is committed to providing factual and reliable information regarding mental health resources during this crisis. It is critical to actively focus on your mental health as well as that of those in your care.

Did you know?

parents reporting signs of distress in their children during pandemic*


number of Americans potentially lost to suicide per 5-point increase in unemployment rate, August 2020.**


Americans reporting some negative impact to their mental health during the pandemic in July, 2020***

*Racine et al., 2020, **Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, ***Kaiser Family Foundation
Our challenge

Helping Texas communities through this trying time

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Supporting first responders

First responders are facing the increased challenges of coping with the personal strains from the pandemic, at the same time they are professionally dealing with an expanding workload in unusually hazardous conditions. The Meadows Institute is working to help first responders get the mental health and peer support they deserve to cope with these challenges.


Telemedicine, telehealth opportunities

COVID-19 has resulted in a number of federal and state rule changes and waivers, opening up greater access to telemedicine and telehealth. This has long been an important part of helping everyone in Texas get the care they need. The Meadows Institute is tracking the changes and examining whether some of them should be made permanent.

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Leveraging federal response

The Meadows Institute has been monitoring and analyzing changes to federal laws that are making resources available for providers and organizations across Texas. We are also working to educate private funders on where their resources will best complement new federal spending; making the most impact for the people who need it.

Our Approach

Driving Change

The Meadows Institute is dedicated to helping Texas communities through this trying time in our history. We’ll get through this together.

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Featured Case Study

COVID-19 White Paper Series

SUMMARY – In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Meadows Institute emerged as a trusted source for data-driven projections regarding the outbreak’s effect on our economy and the resulting mental health impacts. White papers detailing the recession’s impact on suicide and drug overdose deaths helped frame a national discussion and kept federal, state, and local policy makers informed.

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October 6, 2020

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