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We believe all Texans should have access to effective, efficient mental health care, when and where they need it. To that end, the Meadows Institute provides non-partisan, data-driven mental health policy and program guidance to legislators, government agencies, and their staffs at the state and local level, helping them craft smart policies that produce the most impact with available resources.

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  • The Meadows Institute provides research and analysis of mental health policy strategies and topics through white papers and peer-reviewed documentation.
  • Our experts provide focused legislative testimony on important state issues.
  • Our diverse team of policy experts gather and analyze information on crucial events, studying their potential effects on mental health and substance abuse.
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Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19

The Meadows Institute has released a series of white papers on the anticipated mental health and substance use disorder impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-induced economic recession.

Legislative Updates
May 6, 2019

Supporting Veterans & Their Families

Kyle Mitchell, JD, MMHPI Senior Director of Veteran and Military Policy, was invited testimony on Senate Bill 822 at the Texas House Committee on Defense & Veterans’ Affairs. SB 822, relating to the administration of a grant program to support community mental health programs for veterans and their families, was filed by Senator Jane Nelson.

Legislative Updates
May 1, 2019

Texas House Committee on Public Health

Meadows Institute President and CEO Andy Keller, PhD, was invited testimony on Senate Bill 10 at the Texas House Committee on Public Health. SB 10, relating to the creation of the Texas Mental Health Care Consortium, was filed by Senator Jane Nelson with all 31 members of the Senate signed on as co-sponsors.

Legislative Updates

Texas Judicial Council

In June 2016, with the help of former Texas Supreme Court Justice and Institute Board Member Harriet O’Neill, the Texas Judicial Council established the Mental Health Committee to examine the administration of civil and criminal justice for those suffering from or affected by mental illness.