Fulfilling the promise to our veterans

One of the foundational principles of the Meadows Institute is to help Texas veterans and their families receive the mental health care we promised them. Working with federal authorities, state legislators, and regional and local organizations, the Meadows Institute supports policies and provides technical assistance to ensure that veterans and their families can access the care and supports they need, whether they are just leaving the military or are a longtime veteran.

Did you know?

veterans did not use a V.A. medical center for mental health service in 2015*

1 in 4

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans experience PTSD*


Iraq & Afghanistan received treatment for a mental illness post-deployment*

1.6 million

veterans were living in Texas in 2017*


of all Texas suicides in 2017 were veterans*

*U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, data limited to V.A. patients
Our challenge

Ensuring our veterans and their families are healthy

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Policies to improve the lives of veterans

The Meadows Institute works with legislators and government at all levels to create, implement, and improve programs that are vital to improving veteran care. This includes programs like the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance (TV+FA) grant program, which provides matching state funds for local and private organizations that expand mental health care with locally-tailored solutions and support to Texas veterans and their families. Originally passed in 2015, this program has been extended and improved in 2017 and 2019.


Working with organizations and initiatives

Many organizations are helping veterans and their families find health care, housing, or a job. The Meadows Institute proudly supports organizations and initiatives like the Texas Veterans Network – a network that connects veterans and resource providers – and Sound Off, which connects veterans to mental health care. We also work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to expand the Expiration Term of Service (ETS) Sponsorship program in Texas, which matches transitioning service members with sponsors who can help.

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Studying systems of support

The Meadows Institute offers help to communities that are striving to improve their ability to serve veterans and their families by assessing available services and recommending ways they can collectively work together seamlessly and more effectively. These assessments are valuable tools to make sure the resources available to communities are utilized to do the maximum good for the most veterans in a practical, efficient fashion.

Our Approach

Driving Change

Texans proudly support those who have served bravely to defend our freedoms, and believe that health care should be delivered as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. At the Meadows Institute, we are working to keep the promise made to all our veterans.

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Featured Case Study

Texas Veterans + Family Alliance

SUMMARY – Texas has the second largest population of veterans in the country, and we have an obligation to care for those who have served and the families who have supported their service. Initially passed in 2015, the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance (TVFA) is an important part of our efforts to help fulfill our obligation, enabling local communities to develop solutions and programs to best serve their mental health needs.

Featured Projects

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November 4, 2020

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