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The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Established by a transformative gift from Maureen and Jim Hackett, The Hackett Center is the Meadows Institute’s first regional center, focused on the unique needs of Greater Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. Starting with its inaugural effort to help heal communities traumatized by Hurricane Harvey, The Hackett Center has advanced mental health initiatives – primarily focused on children, youth, and families – to improve lives across the region.

The Hackett Center for Mental Health
Our Priorities

Putting Policy Into Practice®

With a focus on “Putting Policy into Practice,” The Hackett Center engages in and supports the development and dissemination of best-practice mental health care, research, and implementation among health care leaders, organizations, and systems in the Greater Houston region and beyond. Since its launch in 2018, The Hackett Center has identified the following priority areas:

  • Strengthening mental health recovery and resilience for children affected by trauma and bereavement
  • Improving coordination across systems, including health, education, juvenile justice, and family and protective services
  • Embedding and advancing health equity to reduce mental health disparities
  • Improving evidence-based mental health care for children and families
  • Building capacity of mental health organizations and their leaders to increase their impact by engaging families and co-creating solutions for high-quality mental and behavioral health care
  • Serving as a neutral convener, facilitating collaboration among systems, organizations, and health care institutions to achieve better mental health for children and families
  • Collaborating as a strategic partner of the Meadows Institute in bringing their expertise to Harris County and surrounding regions and leveraging the experience of our community to inform the work of the Institute statewide
The Hackett Center

2022 Annual Report

The Hackett Center’s mission is to provide independent, non-partisan, and trusted policy and program guidance in Greater Houston and the Gulf Coast region to improve services and systems so that all Texans can obtain effective mental health care.

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About The Hackett Center

2021 Annual Report

In 2021 Quianta Moore, MD, JD, became the new Executive Director of The Hackett Center for Mental Health.

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2020 Annual Report

In 2020, a global pandemic tested our resolve and laid bare an emerging mental health crisis. The Hackett Center continued its growth, becoming home to the Trauma and Grief Center, and preparing to meet these increasing needs both close to home and far beyond.

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2019 Annual Report

2019 was a year of significant growth. This report highlights key accomplishments and the importance of “putting policy into practice” in Greater Houston, the Gulf Coast Region, across Texas, and throughout the nation.

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The Hackett Center for Mental Health

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This gift is an investment in quality, research-driven work that will prove to be a systemic game-changer.
Maureen Hackett
January 2018

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