Our Team

Shelby Abeyta

Senior Director of Communications and Public Engagement

Nikki Adeleke

Clinical Implementation Specialist

Julie Almendral

Director of Communications

Lauren Alvis

Research Psychologist

Christopher Araujo

Project Coordinator of Veterans Initiatives

Darilynn Cardona-Beiler

Senior Director of Systems Integration and Policy Implementation

Gary Blau, PhD

Executive Director, The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Gwenn Blau

Chief of Staff, The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Gary Bramlett

Director of Community Engagement

Becca Brune

Chief Strategy Officer and Regional Executive Director, South Texas

Cooper Carpenter

Assistant Population Health Analyst

Allison Castle

Senior Director of Communications

Coby Chase

Executive Vice President for External Affairs and Chief Communications Officer

Emily Church

Senior Regional Director of Development, The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Jena Crim

Office Manager

Stephanie Cunningham

Communications Specialist

Kristina De Lattes


Timothy Dittmer, PhD

Chief Economist

Robyn Douglas

Program Manager, The Trauma and Grief Center at The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Donna Dozier

Clinical Implementation Specialist

Jen Esterline

Vice President of Education Policy and Regional Development

Jacqueline French

Grants and Contracts Manager

Layla Fry

Director of Child Welfare and Family Policy

Jennifer Gonzalez, PhD

Senior Director of Population Health

Kelly Grajeda

Director of Foundation Relations

Michael Hadfield

Project Coordinator for Data Analytics

Sean Hanna

Senior Director of Veteran Initiatives

Michelle Harper

Executive Vice President of State Policy

Marilyn Headley

Project Manager of Adult Policy

Tegan Henke

Director of Program Implementation for Child and Family Policy

Catie Hilbelink

Chief of Staff for Policy Implementation

Nelson Jarrin, JD

Vice President of Government Affairs

Calvonah Jenkins

Project Coordinator of Policy Implementation

Vrishali Kanvinde, PhD

Criminal Justice and Healthcare Systems Analyst

Julie Kaplow, PhD, ABPP

Executive Director, The Trauma and Grief Center at The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Andy Keller, PhD

President and CEO, Linda Perryman Evans Presidential Chair

Peggy Kemp

Project Manager for Child and Family Policy

Arely Leal

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Lim

Project Manager for Child and Family Policy

Meghan Lyons

Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts

Katie Martinez Whittle

Project Manager, The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Suki Martinez-Parham

Director of Clinical Child and Family Policy

Amanda Mathias, PhD

Senior Director of Innovation

Rachael McLaughlin

Project Coordinator for Policy Implementation

Marcellina Melvin

Senior Director of Health Equity Strategy

Isra Merchant

Executive Administrative Associate

Samantha Miller, PhD, ABPP

Senior Director of Clinical Implementation for Child and Family Policy

Kyle Mitchell, JD

Vice President of Adult and Veterans Policy

Misty Mitchell

Accounting Manager

Rebecca Molsberry

Population Health and Data Systems Analyst

Marisa Nowitz

Assistant Director of School and Community Engagement

Lacrica S. Olson

Chief of Staff for External Affairs

Cindy Patrick

Vice President of Development Partnerships

Kendal Perry

Executive Chief of Staff, Senior Director of Operations

John Petrila, JD

Senior Executive Vice President of Policy

Linda Rodriguez, EdD

Senior Director for School Behavioral Health

Lauren Roth

Senior Project Manager

Melissa Rowan

Executive Vice President for Policy Implementation

Tarryn Sanchez

Okay to Say™ Campaign Manager

Bill Schnapp, PhD

Senior Advisor

Sam Shore

Senior Director of State-Local Collaboration

Aaron Smith

Director of Veteran Initiatives

Bill Solomon

Vice President of Finance

Candace Stoltz

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and School Safety Policy

Ron Stretcher

Senior Director of Systems Management

Patrick Tennant, PhD

Director of Evaluation and Analytics

Rebecca Tharp

Communications Assistant

Chris Thiele

Senior Graphic Designer

Matt Thompson

Communications Consultant

Monica Thyssen

Vice President of Finance and Implementation

Lisa Tomaka

Senior Director of Clinical Child and Family Policy

Jessy Tyler

Senior Director for Justice Research

Kate Volti

Vice President for Child and Family Policy

B.J. Wagner

Senior Fellow of Justice System Policy

Victoria Walsh

Assistant Director of Child and Family Policy

Casie Wenmohs

Director of Events

Bill Wilson

Senior Clinical Editor

Kimberly L. Zabaneh

Chief of Staff for Child and Family Policy and Director of Human Resources

Jim Zahniser, PhD

Senior Director of Evaluation Design

Senior Fellows

Carol Alter, MD

Senior Fellow for Medical Integration

Frank Dixon

Senior Fellow for Policing Policy

Tony Fabelo, PhD

Senior Fellow for Justice Policy

Shannon Ghangurde

Senior Fellow for State Policy

Quianta Moore, MD, JD

Senior Fellow in Health Equity

Stephanie Muth

Senior Fellow for Health Care Strategy

Katie Olse

Senior Fellow for Child Welfare Policy

Phil Ritter, JD

Senior Fellow for Strategic Partnerships

Kimberly Roaten, PhD

Senior Fellow for Suicide Prevention

Peter Selby, PhD

Senior Fellow for Child and Family Policy

Seema Shah, MD

Senior Fellow of Pediatric Health Policy

Jacqualene Stephens, PhD

Senior Fellow for Community Mental Health

Kathy Sternbach

Senior Fellow of Health Policy