How We Work

Systems Transformation

The best mental health systems are proactive, designed to detect and treat mental illness long before it reaches a crisis level. The Meadows Institute works with communities and organizations to conduct in-depth, expert assessments of local mental health systems to identify needs and opportunities, helping move from reactionary, crisis-focused efforts to comprehensive, ideal systems of care that vastly improve outcomes and quality of life.

Our Support

  • The Meadows Institute experts gather and use data to create a full picture of existing mental health support systems within a community. This is necessary to understand the current structure, identify gaps, and develop an individualized blueprint for system-wide improvements.
  • We analyze individual programs within each local system and evaluate how the component pieces should work together to maximize resources and create effective, efficient, and accountable systems to meet the specific needs of local populations.
  • Our teams build strong local partnerships across cities, counties, and regions bringing together community leaders, health care providers, and organizations to leverage their strengths and resources.

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Want to know how we can help improve mental health systems in your community?

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Featured Projects

Community-Based Care

Improving Foster Care in Harris County

This assessment and environmental scan is intended to serve as a resource for the Houston Community as it improves their foster care system and develops longer term plans for successfully transitioning to a community-based care model.

Service Delivery

Improving Access to Care in Dallas County

With the generous support of The Rees-Jones Foundation, MMHPI conducted an assessment of Dallas County’s mental health service delivery systems for children, youth, and families. This report provides guidance on strategies to improve access to the most effective mental health services in the right place and at the right time for these populations of Dallas County.