Policy Updates86th Regular Legislative Session Wrap Up

86th Regular Legislative Session Wrap Up

SUMMARY – From a mental health perspective, the 86th Legislative Session was one of the most significant in recent memory.


funding provided to the TV+FA grant program in the state budget via HB 1 (86R)


funding provided for the Mental Health Grant Program for Justice-Involved Individuals in the state budget via HB 1 (86R)


funding for Phase II of the Comprehensive Plan for the State Hospital System via SB 500

With Governor Abbott declaring mental health an emergency item for the 86th Texas Legislature, and Lt. Governor Patrick making it a top Senate priority, the stage was set for historic steps forward, particularly for Texas children; legislative leaders did not disappoint. Not only did legislators maintain and build upon previous advancements, the creation of the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium will have a generational impact on the treatment of children with mental health issues, and cultivate Texas’ need to grow as a research hub for mental health and substance abuse issues.

The Meadows Institute summarized the 86th Legislative Session with highlights of bills that addressed the following areas

  • Intervening Early to Address the Mental Health Needs of Texas Children
  • Fighting Mental Illness Like We Fight Cancer
  • State Hospital System Redesign
  • Building on Past Accomplishments
  • Leveraging Judicial Leadership
  • Helping to Address the Behavioral Health Workforce Emergency
  • Fighting Opioid Abuse