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Legislative Updates88th Texas Legislature Regular Session Wrap Up

88th Texas Legislature Regular Session Wrap Up

SUMMARY – The 88th Legislature delivered a record $11.68 billion for behavioral health, an increase of more than 30% from the previous session. Senator Joan Huffman, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, called it the single largest increase in behavioral health funding by any state legislature in U.S. history.


in behavioral health funding


million for additional mental health services to the Uvalde region.


million to increase salaries for mental health workers.


million for locally driven grant programs

Funding the Texas Legislature appropriated in the 88th Legislative Session.

Leading up to the 88th Legislative Session, policymakers shared a strong resolve to do more for mental health in Texas, and state leadership made it a session priority.

In the wake of Uvalde and the ongoing, long-term impacts due to COVID-19, there was a clear and growing need to expand effective programs, address workforce shortages, and build additional capacity for care.

To support Texas school children, the Legislature fully funded ($172.7 million) the Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine Program, making it available to every school district in the state that wants it.

The final version of HB 1 (Bonnen), the 2024-25 General Appropriations Act, included nearly $9.37 billion for behavioral health funding across 28 state agencies. SB 30 (Huffman), the supplemental budget, included an additional $2.31 billion to expand mental health capacity.

In addition, the 88th Legislature:

  • Helped Uvalde Heal and Build Mental Health Infrastructure for the Future

  • Addressed the Mental Health Workforce Crisis

  • Built Intensive, Community-Based Capacity for Children, Youth, and Young Adults

  • Developed Locally Driven Solutions through Grant Program Expansion

  • Supported our Law Enforcement Officers

  • Harnessed the Expertise of the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium

  • Addressed Lengthy Forensic Waitlists and Crisis Care

  • Modernized Foster Care Rates to Support Children and Families

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