Jake Hawkes

Web Developer

Jake has more than 20 years of experience as a web developer, designer, and digital marketing professional. Most recently, he worked with online publications as the senior web developer for operations and advertising teams, providing front-end development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Ad Management. Jake provided focused design and development with measurable results increasing conversions and quick-to-launch campaigns. He also created Buckboard, a self-service ad network, and Best of Jackson Hole voting, and used a wide marketing toolkit tailored to the goals of the organization.

Jake is highly motivated, organized, and enthusiastic about developing platforms in an easy and efficient manner. Having worked with hundreds of brands, events, museums, galleries, publishers, realtors, municipalities, and federal agencies, he has a significant history of empowering and delivering for individuals, businesses, federal, and corporate teams, and many philanthropic organizations.

As our web developer, Jake is responsible for developing and maintaining our two Institute websites: mmhpi.org and okaytosay.org. He implements content updates and builds new pages to showcase our work; adds new features to improve functionality; and tracks and reports on metrics to ensure our websites are a useful tool for all Institute employees and represent our strong and respected brand.

Jake cares deeply about giving to the local community, in particular causes that are focused on cycling, trail maintenance, and public land development.

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