Kate Volti

Vice President for Child and Family Policy

Kate Volti, MPAff, is the Vice President for Child and Family Policy. Since joining MMHPI in September 2016, Kate has worked on assessments of children’s mental health systems in Houston, Lubbock, and Nueces County. She has also supported a number of other child and youth focused projects including an analysis on options to finance crisis mental health services, co-authoring a toolkit to help communities prevent and respond to child sex trafficking, and a project to support community efforts in Houston to prepare to strengthen the foster care system. Kate is currently leading an environmental assessment in a twelve-county region in North Texas to plan for the eventual transition to community-based foster care.

Prior to her employment at MMHPI, Kate held several positions with the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), including as the Director of Community Access in the Office of Social Services, as the Senior Policy Advisor charged with designing the STAR Kids Medicaid managed care model for children with disabilities, as an External Relations Specialist, and as the lead for the Task Force for Children with Special Needs. She arrived at HHSC after serving in the Texas Senate as a Senior Policy Advisor where she focused on initiatives to: improve early childhood nutrition; increase coordination of services for children with special needs; require insurers to cover Applied Behavioral Analysis for children when medically necessary; and improve support for kin care providers of children involved with Child Protective Services.

Ms. Volti received her Master of Public Affairs at the LBJ School at the University of Texas and her Bachelor of Arts in Cross Cultural Anthropology and Political Studies from Pitzer College.