Katie Martinez Whittle

Project Manager, The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Katie is a licensed Master Social Worker who has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 10 years, with a focus to improve outcomes for those who are impacted by socioeconomic inequalities. She has had a particular emphasis on issues related to children.

Prior to joining The Hackett Center, Katie lived in Denver where she was the Director of Communications and Engagement at A+ Colorado, a research and advocacy nonprofit organization working to improve education for students throughout Colorado. At A+, Katie served as a project manager and collaborated closely with the research team to ensure that all communications and engagement strategies were rooted in research.

Katie completed her Masters in Social Work at the University of Houston. As part of the program, her internships focused on public policy, education, and community outreach. While attending school, Katie was the Associate Director of Development at Children At Risk, a research and advocacy nonprofit in Texas. While completing her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Texas Tech University, Katie volunteered with at-risk youth which influenced her career trajectory. She has been a mentor as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for over 4 years, and enjoys working with community programs to advance policies that will improve the lives of children and families. Katie’s self-care involves a lot of yoga, traveling with her husband Bryce, and being outdoors with her two dogs, Lincoln and Maia.