Melissa Rowan

Executive Vice President for Policy Implementation

Melissa Rowan is the Executive Vice President of Policy Implementation, where she brings a practical, real-world focus to the Institute’s work in health systems and with service providers.

Melissa has been a Partner at Wertz & Rowan, a health care policy consulting firm she founded in Austin, and she has worked in and around Texas (and national) behavioral health and health systems for 25 years, focusing on broad health care issues, managed care, and behavioral health. After consulting with the Institute for the last four years and taking on an expanded role as Senior Fellow of Policy Implementation in April 2019, Melissa has worked on a range of projects with a primary focus on service expansion and quality improvement in real world settings and health care financing.

She has previously served as Healthcare Policy Director for the Texas Council of Community Centers in Austin, working closely with the 39 community mental health centers across the state on innovation and design of behavioral health programs for adults and children. She has also been appointed to the boards of the TMF Health Quality Institute and LifeWorks, as well as serving as Vice Chair of the HHSC Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee. She earned her MSW from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA from Concordia University. Melissa will also serve on the executive management team of the Institute.