Vrishali Kanvinde, PhD

Criminal Justice and Healthcare Systems Analyst

Vrishali completed her PhD in Criminology at the University of Texas at Dallas, focusing her research on criminological theory, police, and the police organization. Previously, she worked as a Research Intern and then a Research Associate at the Caruth Police Institute, where she conducted research concerning police strategy, as well as partnering with community agencies to evaluate evidence-based crime prevention programs. During the course of her doctoral work, Vrishali served as a teaching assistant at the university, instructing undergraduate students in a variety of criminology and criminal justice courses.

Vrishali earned a Master of Science in Criminology from the University of Texas at Dallas, focusing her research on mental health and prescription abuse and misuse among young adults. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Oklahoma, where she studied criminology, psychology, and international security studies.

Vrishali’s current research interests are the police organization, police burnout, and the intersection of law enforcement and mental health.

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