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Apply Now: Advancing School Safety & Student Wellness Executive Learning Community

Apply between January 23 & February 10 for this premier learning experience to advance school mental health in your district

Our Challenge

Districts are seeing a variety of concerning trends,

  • Increases in student aggression, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss
  • Challenges with supporting the mental well-being of school staff
  • A decline in academic performance among students
  • Significant increases in disciplinary infractions resulting in suspensions, expulsions, and referrals to community providers

Reducing reliance on punitive and exclusionary discipline practices can be complex. Currently, no space exists for regional district leaders to learn together and collaboratively solve problems related to the impact of these practices.

The Solution

Building a districtwide infrastructure based on prevention, data, and collaboration can help reduce the use of exclusionary discipline and is critical to improving student well-being and academic achievement.

Join the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for a 10-month, premier learning experience that effectively equips school districts with evidence-based tools and strategies to reduce exclusionary discipline in their school systems.

Submit your application today

The application period for the 2023 Advancing School Safety and Student Wellness Executive Learning Community has closed. Thank you to all of the districts that expressed interest.

Program Details

Who Should Apply

This opportunity is targeted toward district executives and student support leaders responsible for the development and implementation of school discipline and school mental health systems. District leaders across Dallas and surrounding counties are invited to come together to learn and solve problems related to student behavior and school discipline. Each district accepted into the Executive Learning Community can have up to five district leaders participate.


Executive Learning Community members will attend nine 120-minute learning sessions delivered in person in Dallas from March 2023 – December 2023.

Who We Are

The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute provides independent, nonpartisan, data-driven, and trusted policy and programmatic recommendations for creating equitable, systemic change. We are a nonprofit organization that works closely with districts across Texas to build sustainable mental and behavioral health systems that serve all students and educators. Our team of school mental health experts includes former school district and education service center leaders, mental and behavioral health systems leadership, licensed clinical professionals, evaluation experts, policy analysts, and more.

The Meadows Institute is uniquely positioned as the only entity in Texas that works to put school mental health research, policy, and best practices into action—and into the hands of educators who do the work and need the help to build systems that support their students and staff.

Executive Learning Community member benefits include:

  • Access to an exclusive peer-learning space to collaborate, innovate, and implement with other district leaders facing similar challenges
  • Professional executive networking opportunities with other district leaders and high impact community partners
  • A curated professional learning curriculum developed by school mental health experts at the Meadows Institute and its network of partner organizations
  • Support developing a customized program implementation plan leveraging the best and latest school mental health research

Curriculum topics include:

  • Brain Science and Exclusionary Discipline
  • Discipline Data Evaluation
  • System Intercept Mapping (SIM)
  • Solution Focused Education
  • Practical Implementation of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Supports
  • And more!


For more information please contact:
Linda Webb, PhD, Senior Vice President for Education Initiatives | [email protected]

Special Thanks

This learning community is free of cost thanks to the generous philanthropic support of:

The Harrold Simmons Foundation