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Policing in a Pandemic: Peer Support Webinar Series

In April 2020, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute began filming the “Policing in a Pandemic” virtual peer support series in partnership with the Caruth Police Institute. Guest speakers were invited to discuss topics such as peer support, stress management, maintaining optimism and planning for the financial impact of COVID-19.

Professional & Personal Adjustments in the New Reality of COVID19:

Virtual peer group discussion with Cathy & Javier Bustos of “That Peer Support Couple”

Keep Calm & Crisis On:

Managing stress as a first responder with Tempa Sherill & Kimberly Parker of 22KILL

I Will Listen: Real Talk About Real Times:

Law enforcement officer suicide risk reduction and stress management with Steven Hough of Blue H.E.L.P

Maintaining Optimism while Keeping Reality in Check:

An interactive discussion with Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey & Rockport Police Chief Greg Stevens

Planning for the Pandemic:

Overcoming the financial impact of COVID-19 for law enforcement with Nick Daugherty, President and Owner of Serve & Protect Financial Texas