topics Policy Research Depression in the Workplace: Analysis of TBGH Employer Survey

Depression in the Workplace: Analysis of TBGH Employer Survey

The Depression in the Workplace Survey was conducted by the Texas Business Group on Health in the summer of 2016 in partnership with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and with promotional assistance from the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health, Houston Business Coalition on Health, Mental Health America of Greater Houston, and Texas Association of Business.

Depression is a common but serious illness experienced by one in five American adults in their lifetime. About 7.5% of the U.S. workforce has depression in any year, costing U.S. employers approximately $187.8 billion a year. This total reflects both lost productivity due to absenteeism (missed days from work) and presenteeism (reduced productivity while at work), as well as increased health and mental health costs exacerbated by untreated depression.

This document serves as a summary of the survey findings related to current policies, practices, and strategies of Texas employers to address untreated and inadequately treated depression in the workplace.

Read or download the full white paper Depression in the Workplace: Detailed Analysis of TBGH’s 2016 Survey of Texas Employers.