topics Press State-Wide Mental Health Campaign Okay to Say™ Launches Summer Reading List

State-Wide Mental Health Campaign Okay to Say™ Launches Summer Reading List

As Mental Health Month comes to an end and people embark on summer vacations, Okay to Say™ hopes that everyone will continue to be mindful of their mental health. One way to care for your mind and reduce stress over the summer is by diving into a good book. Beach reads are as classic as fireworks and sunscreen, and what better way to spend the most relaxing time of year than by enjoying recommendations from notable Texans? The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute’s public awareness campaign, Okay to Say™ has just released a curated Okay to Say™ Summer Reading List, complete with recommendations from some of your favorite Texans.

Now in its second year, Okay to Say™ is engaging with people all over the state to further increase awareness about the importance of mental health. This reading list is an example of just that. In a study done by the University of Sussex, neuropsychologists found that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by more than two thirds. Reading combined with summer vacations, a known stress-reliever, can help improve one’s overall well-being.

The concept might be simple, but a great book is not only fun – it can actually improve your mental health. Reading does for the mind what a good run or other workout does for the body – it’s an emotional and intellectual workout that promotes wellness. And if you do it everyday, the benefits multiply.

Andy Keller, PhD, President and CEO, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

The list includes selections from some top Texans. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby shared his go-to summer read, along with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Steven Weinberg. Over a dozen books are featured, covering all genres and reading levels. The website also features a downloadable option so that people can take this list with them and select books on the go.

The Okay to Say™ Summer Reading List offers selections that give you a break from day to day stresses by perhaps offering a fun getaway or a retreat to another world. As you plan your summer escape, make sure to check out these great recommendations.

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