topics Announcements MMHPI Co-Hosts “Policing in a Pandemic” Series with Caruth Police Institute

MMHPI Co-Hosts “Policing in a Pandemic” Series with Caruth Police Institute

The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) and Caruth Police Institute (CPI) recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the biggest policing challenges in modern times.

At a time when people are taking measures to protect their family and loved ones from exposure to the coronavirus, first responders face the uncertainty of community exposure and in turn the fear of exposing their loved ones. In the midst of that, first responders are facing increased workloads and adapting to unique policing and emergency response models in a pandemic, something unprecedented in our state.

This can compound the dynamic nature of first responder stress and fatigue at a time when health, wellness, and resiliency are more critical than ever.

That’s why MMHPI and CPI have established the Policing in Pandemic Virtual Peer Networking Series, four weekly interactive online events featuring nationally recognized peer specialists, health and wellness experts, and first responder wellness providers. The digital platform provides an opportunity for officers to anonymously join online, share experiences, hear from their peers, and get real time resources to address the impact of the daily stress and uncertainty they are dealing with.

In this and other ways, MMHPI and CPI will continue working to help improve the lives of the brave men and women we all depend on to keep us safe during the midst of this unprecedented crisis.

View the full video series “Policing in a Pandemic“.